Thursday Morning Feed from Fleeceworks

There aren’t many products that I can recall the first moment I discovered them, but Fleeceworks is one of them.

The year was 2007, the place was Wayne, Ill., and the event was the American Eventing Championships. Unlike most events, where you’re lucky if you walk away with a ribbon and your pride intact, winning competitors at t0 the AECs walk away with an armload of cash and swag–tens of thousands of dollars worth of it is awarded each year thanks to the support of fantastic sponsors… like Fleeceworks.


I didn’t win, but even my fourth place finish felt like the horsey version of Ed McMahon and his prize patrol had arrived on my doorstep. Among other prizes, I was given a Fleeceworks contour saddle pad, which I immediately fell madly in love with. It was the beginning of a Fleeceworks “personal collection” that would grow in the years to come.

Fleeceworks has continued its support of the American Eventing Championship each year since, including the 2013 edition that took place at Texas Rose Horse Park in Tyler, Texas, over the weekend. As a Gold Level Sponsor, Fleeceworks donated Fleeceworks TheraWool Perfect Balance Square Dressage and Fleeceworks Perfect Balance Cross CountryPads to be awarded throughout the championship divisions.


Team Fleeceworks Riders Tamie Smith and Heather Morris at the 2013 AECs. From Fleeceworks’ Facebook page.

About Therawool: The new Therawool Fleeceworks saddle pads take the same wool fibers used in their sheepskin pads and weaves them on to poly-acrylic backing. Considered a sustainable fiber versus a live fiber. Durable, breathable, washable, hydrophylic, elastic and protective. Soft and plush even after washing. This product will not felt up after washing as with other wools currently on the market. Returns to original appearance with brushing.

Therawool Square Dressage Pad

Thank you, Fleeceworks, for your fantastic support of programs like the American Eventing Championships.

Great job to all of the 2013 AEC competitors, go Fleeceworks,and Go Riding!

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