Your Turn: The 5 most awkward horses of the Internet

Reader Kirstie looks back at five of the most epic equine photobombs of all time.

From Kirstie:

The horse is a majestic animal, there’s no doubt about that. You see them gallop, dance, perform gracefully in dressage and trot around with unobtainable elegance… but then there’s always that one moment where you catch them off-guard. Occasionally, if you are armed with a camera and lightning reflexes, you may very well be able to catch an embarrassing and highly awkward picture of your equine friend, just like the poor horses in these pictures below. So, horse owners, get your smart-phone cameras ready, because these awkward horse photos went viral on the internet, making the horse-stars famous!

Awkward Historical Re-enactment Horse


This image looks like it might be from a re-enactment film, judging by the redcoats in powdered wigs! However, this horse seems to be far too enthusiastic about its role; maybe it’s this horse’s first time in front of the camera, or maybe he just got carried away and over-acted. It could even be that this horse is experiencing a few stage nerves! Either way, we’re sure it will never live down this photo – maybe it thought this was it’s big break as a horse actor, but now it is the laughing stock of the internet…

Awkward Outdoorsy Horse


You know when you see those nature photos of fluffy ponies gallivanting across mountain planes, enjoying their freedom, and letting their manes blow in the wind? Well, turns out those same ponies can be very, very un-photogenic, and this photo is proof! We’re not sure if this pony is smiling for the photographer, or perhaps mid-yawn – either way, when he sees this image, he might be quite embarrassed.

Awkward Situation Horse


If you haven’t already seen this picture, where have you been?? A farmer caught this unusual snap of a cow photo-bombing a horse stuck in a fence, and very quickly everyone on the Internet was talking about it. It became so popular, that even popular national newspapers started to publish the image and talk about it. We’re not sure how the poor horse got stuck in such an awkward position, but one thing is very clear – the cow thought it was hilarious.

Awkward Pony Party Horse


Is this horse feeling unwell? Is he crying? Or maybe he’s trying to tell the photographer something urgent? Either way, the look on his face is one of terror, upset and urgency – or maybe it’s that funny face you pull before you sneeze. Who knows? Sadly, this awkward horse ruined a party picture, but we’re sure these girls will remember this photo forever.

Awkward Safari Horse


It’s always the way isn’t it? You’re driving round a safari park, and you spot a rather handsome looking deer – so you pick up your camera, ready to reaffirm yourself as an excellent nature photographer, and then, suddenly out of nowhere, a horse decides it wants to be the centre of attention in your photograph. After the shutter clicks, unfortunately you are stuck with a gawky awkward horse photo, but luckily, you can share it across the internet and let the photo bring joy to others.

What about you horse owners out there? Have you ever caught a very unfortunate photo of your horse pulling a strange face? Share them with the world!

This guest post was contributed by Kirstie, digital editor at Edgemere equestrian supply store. She is a fan of horse riding and internet humour.

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