Video: Dressage at Devon's flower-eating horse

Patty Weston scored 15 minutes of fame last week when her horse, Embracing Picasso, grabbed a post-test snack–right in front of judge Lilo Fore.

Patty and “Pablo” were receiving comments on their test when the 5-year-old OTTB made a bid for the yellow chrysanthemums. Several photographers captured the moment and the image immediately went viral–check out my favorite version, by Stacy Lynne Photohere.

Stacey Kimmel-Smith, author of the popular sporthorse blog Behind and Bit and a friend of Patty's, caught it on video:

Stacey went on to write a great piece about Patty and Pablo for the Chronicle of the Horse. She posted the following update on her blog today:

Many of you may have seen the infamous flower-eating horse at Devon this year–I blogged the moment and took the video. That incident temporarily eclipsed what I think is the more significant story–an OTTB competing at Devon and putting in two lovely tests against big-moving, bred-for-the-job high dollar horses. I'm hoping the floral moment will be a hook that makes people read the whole Chronicle of the Horse article about the story of Embracing Picasso.

Go Patty and Pablo, and Go Riding!


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