Friday Morning Feed from Ovation

No two horses are built the same, which is really unfortunate, because it means that saddles aren’t one-size-fits-all, and saddles are expensive!

That’s why we heart forward-thinking companies like Ovation, with its revolutionary XCH interchangeable gullet system.

With the X-Change Interchangeable Gullet System, the rider can modify the width of the tree using Ovation™ gullet plates with only a screwdriver. It’s really that simple! This system does not change the integrity or look of the saddle. A saddle with a medium gullet plate installed looks and fits exactly like a standard medium fixed-tree saddle. The strength is the same, the feel is the same. The tree can perfectly adapt itself to the withers and back of virtually any horse. The tree size can be changed from Narrow up to Extra Wide.

Doesn’t your horse deserve a custom fit? Factor in rider options like your choice of a Forward/Long, Medium Forward, Medium Long, and Medium Flap, and a fantastic price tag, and you’ve got one of the best buys in adjustable tree saddles on the market today.

Ovation™ Competition Show Jump Saddle w/ XCH

Ovation™ – Xchange System Plate

Check out Ovation’s full line of XCH interchangeable gullet system on the Ovation website today!

Go Ovation, and Go Riding!

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