‘Oh Crap’ Moment of the Day: Disappearing horse trick

Our friends at Horses in the Morning shared this video on Facebook earlier today and we just had to pass it along.

One minute, these riders are just galloping along, enjoying a scenic trail on a picturesque day. But then, about 40 seconds in…


Now you see ’em… now you don’t!

A big thanks to Horses in the Morning for the great find (they do note that “everyone was fine”). Be sure to “like” HITM’s Facebook page here!

What: Horses in the Morning is the first live morning show with an equine theme, offering a light, lively, entertaining daily look at the horse world and the people in it.  Hosted by Glenn the Geek and Jamie Jennings and produced by Jennifer H., the show features entertaining conversation, out of the ordinary guests, numerous regular horse related segments, listener call in, contests, giveaways and more.

When: The show airs on Horse Radio Network from 9 to 10:30 a.m. Eastern each Monday through Friday–Horse Nation is a guest on the show each Monday morning at about 10 a.m!

Where to Listen: At horsesinthemorning.com, horseradionetwork.com or the embedded flash player on the left side of this page. The show is also available immediately each day as a recorded podcast on the websites or through iTunes or Zune. Or, download the new free app from iTunes or Google Play.


Go HITM, and Go Riding!


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