Thursday Morning Feed from Fleeceworks

Have you ever snuggled up to a Fleeceworks pad? It’s kind of like hugging a sheep.

This little girl wants to hug ALL the sheep.


Fleeceworks pads are made of genuine Australian sheepskin wool trimmed down to about 1″length, which is the the optimum length to protect against pressure points, deliver an effective thermal balancing layer and yet retain the fit and contact of your saddle.

The two major benefits of real sheepskin are its ability to prevent pressure points and to deliver vital thermal balance. Genuine sheepskin has long been valued in the medical field. Bedridden and wheelchair bound patients depend on it for its ability to prevent pressure points. Even a well-fitted saddle can cause pressure due to the points of the tree and stirrup bars bearing weight over the shoulders. Fleeceworks pads are carefully constructed to provide extra protection in these vulnerable areas.


Soooo soft!!! I kind of want to hug it myself.

Check out Fleeceworks’ full line of soft, snuggly saddle pads and accessories at And, just because we love you, here’s one more sheep amazing video for the road:

Go Fleeceworks, go sheep, and Go Riding!

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