Video: Mini horse & foal live webcam

Here’s something 100% guaranteed to make you a less productive person: a live webcam featuring 24/7 cuteness.

Mum’s name is Becca; the filly is Patience, born August 16. They’re residents of Little Hooves Miniature Horses in Benton, Washington.

Check it out if you want, but don’t say we didn’t warn you.

[The Pet Collective]

Note: If you don’t see Becca and Patience, they might be out taking a stroll in the paddock. Also, the cam cuts out every now and again so if you just see a black screen, keep the page up and it will come back online eventually. If you need some cuteness to keep you occupied in the meantime, The Pet Collective has several livestreams going at once: corgi puppies, kittens, baby tigers… watch them all, right now, here.


Go Riding.


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