Eventing Nation: Mean girl pants

Sometimes you just have to put on your “Mean Girl Pants” and get the job done, says reader Jessica Maggard Hart.

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From Jessica:

Mean Girl Pants

My name is Jessica Maggard Hart. I'm an aging, adult amateur rider. I began eventing three years ago. My eventing partner is Zophie, the Wonder Mare.

A couple of years ago I was competing at Beginner Novice level. I was voicing my concern about one (or two or three) cross country jumps to my trainer. I'm sure I was saying something like, “What if Zophie spooks at the fence? What if she's too tired to jump it after running up the hill? Are you sure she can jump it? It looks like it's novice-size!” She told me something I won't forget, she told me, “Put your mean girl pants on and get it done!”

Fast forward to today. We recently made the leap from Novice to Training. So far, every time I walk a Training Level cross country course I feel sick to my stomach. I ask, why am I doing this to myself? This is a little crazy. Why did I want to move up? I think, this is too hard. Then, I walk the course again, I find my inner mean girl and I remember that I was bored at Novice!

To relieve some of my nerves, I thought I might need some inspiration: a little help to make me mentally tough. I thought it would be pretty darn funny to embroider my trainer's words onto my breeches. It was pretty funny! Eventing is supposed to be fun, right?! Sometimes I feel that if I don't laugh, I might throw up.

My fellow aging, adult amateur riders, if mean girl doesn't work for you, there are many words of inspiration: “Get 'er Done”; “Just Do It”; “No Guts, No Glory”…(that's a great one!). Hopefully you'll find what you need to grab the reins, be the pilot, get out there and go eventing!



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