Tuesday Morning Feed from Dubarry

What’s a guy to do after clearing a 2.20-meter puissance wall at the Dublin Horse Show? Watch this video to find out!

The rider, Daniel Bluman, is actually a Colombian based out of Wellington, but that didn’t keep him from getting swept up in the Irish spirit.


That’s pretty Irish… not unlike Dubarry Boots, founded in 1937 on the Emerald Isle.


Dubarry’s booth at the Dublin Horse Show, from Dubarry’s Facebook page

Dubarry recounts the story of its heritage:

Over 70 years ago a co-operative was formed to provide work in a small town called Ballinasloe, in the heart of Galway on Ireland’s glorious West Coast. Taking its name from a famous French courtesan, Madame du Barry, the company’s formative years were defined through the making of fine quality shoes during which time they were fortunate to be able to draw on a local population of hard-working craftsmen and women.

Dubarry’s reputation as one of Ireland’s most respected and successful companies was born out of the workforce’s deep-rooted pride and ambition to produce footwear of the very highest quality.”

Go Dubarry, and Go Riding!



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