Diary of a Working Student: Rider by day, waitress by night

When you’re Sinead Halpin’s working student, you never know what’s going to happen next. Amelia Bayer’s job description recently included helping out at her boss’s engagement party.

From Amelia:

Being a working student may seem like its all work and no play, but at Team SHE, we know when we deserve a good party–especially when it’s an engagement party! All of us at team SHE did our part to plan and help out at the party. Genie Hatch, Meg, Hannah Chanin, and Delsie spent the first part of the night in the kitchen cooking. They would then pass the food onto me and I would go out offering it to everyone before finally setting it down on the table. Alex Argentieri did a great job parking and crowd control.

At about 8, the toasts started and there were some tears and laughs (especially when Meg did her speech!).

wedding 4

Finally, Tik and Sinead had their first dance together to “Overjoyed” by Matchbox Twenty, and then were joined by their mothers with their dates on the dance floor.


wedding 2

wedding 3

After the sweet routine, the DJ opened the dance floor to everyone! And if there is one thing eventers know how to do besides event, it’s party! Everyone danced to everything from the Cupid Shuffle to some country (even Meg danced during the country!), to some throwbacks. I made it my goal that Kasey Callanan, a 10-year-old client of Sinead’s and the daughter of the people who owned the house where the party occured, would feel comfortable on the dance floor before the night was over! And she did, she just needed a little encouragement. I think she was a little intimidated and amazed that people like Lynn Symansky and Dr. Furlong were at her house!

Everyone looked beautiful and handsome that night and it was so much fun! Brian and Annie Callanan deserve a huge shout out for letting Team SHE invade their home and for putting so much time and effort into the set-up and the take-down. They are an amazing family that we are so lucky to have as part of the team.

Now all that’s left is for them to get married!


Found on Facebook: Your efforts were appreciated, Amelia!

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