In the News: ‘Houston woman pleads guilty to slapping horse’

That’s a headline from the Houston Chronicle about a woman who SLAPPED A POLICE HORSE after an officer told her to pour out her beer.

Top photo: Wikimedia Commons

Diane Harvey, 48, was sentenced to four days in jail for the offense.

According to the story, Harvey was intoxicated and sitting next to a “large cup of beer” in downtown Houston late one afternoon last week. When a mounted officer on patrol told her to pour out the beer, she started drinking the beer instead. The officer then threatened to arrest her for public intoxication, at which point Harvey tried to walk away. The offer blocked her path, and she “slapped the horse in the face.”

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This is Diane Harvey.

Certainly, it’s been a rough summer for police horses.

Since mid-June…

-An Austin man was arrested for burning a police horse with a lit cigarette.

-A Virginia police officer was charged with starving a retired police horse to death.

-A Scottish soccer fan plead not guilty to punching a police horse and calling it a “big f****** dog” while on his way to a match.

-In Missouri a man was arrested for hitting a police horse.

-An Orlando man was arrested for punching a police horse on the butt.

-A new law was passed in New York that will increase the penalty for killing a police dog or horse from a misdemeanor to a felony. (A good thing–I’m just confounded that such a measure was necessary in the first place.)

What is wrong with people?


That is all.

Go Riding.


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