‘Oh Crap’ Moment of the Day: Over, under or through

Over is best and through is better than nothing, but what if a horse goes UNDER a jump? It has actually happened before.

Gurgle the Greek, ridden by British eventer Rachel Bayliss, slid under the “Stockholm Fence” during an especially muddy Badminton in 1973 and managed to come out the other side with rider intact.

There was some debate about whether or not the pair should be eliminated, but the jump judge pointed out that they had “passed between the flags” fair and square. The rules were later reworded that no fence may be built that is it possible for a horse to go under.


Of course, that hasn’t stopped horses from trying–check out this amazing photo series of a horse diving under a trakehner.

Nor has it stopped riders from being scared silly by fences with giant, gaping holes beneath them!


We actually made it over this jump no problem–but I’m pretty sure I had my eyes closed!!!

Go Riding!

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