In the News: 'Police horse tramples usher after fans rush field'

Soccer fans have a reputation for rowdiness, but it seems like everyone has been on their absolute worst behavior this summer.

The latest incident took place yesterday after Preston North End's 1-0 Capital One Cup victory against rivals Blackpool.


According Huffington Post,

Tom Clarke's 87th minute winner at Deepdale sparked a jubilant invasion at the final whistle, as hundreds of Preston supporters poured onto the pitch to goad visiting Blackpool fans.

Police deployed horses to control the crowds, but one of the stewards was trod on after after he fell to the ground while trying to contain one of the fans.

The steward was treated by police and medics, and taken away on a stretcher to be x-rayed. A Football Association investigation is inevitable.

Six arrests mostly for public order and criminal damage were made.

Still, it was far from the worst pitch invasion of the summer.

A headline from The Guardian, July 7:


I'm not even kidding. The referee and a player got into a scuffle, which escalated to the point of him stabbing the player. As the player was taken away (he died en route to the hospital), outraged spectators responded by running on to the field and attacking the referee, stoning him before severing his head and sticking it on a stake in the middle of the field.

It sure doesn't bode well for the World Cup, which starts in 10 months–and, of course, the Olympics are coming to Rio de Janeiro in 2016. A story in today's South China World Post addresses the issue of Brazil's increasingly questionable suitability for hosting the events.

Go Riding.


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