‘Oh Crap’ Moment of the Day: XC… you’re doin’ it wrong

Going backward down a cross-country drop jump is never the best idea. From the UK’s Gatcombe Horse Trials on Saturday…

Jenni writes, “I think I found the Oh Crap Moment to end all Oh Crap Moments while trolling YouTube for videos from Gatcombe. A spectator captured Caroline Harris and Zamio’s trip through the steps yesterday in the Novice Championships at the Festival of British Eventing. Zamio took one look at the steps and decided he wanted nothing to do with them. He then proceeds to defy gravity and perform a sort of pirouette down the steps, somehow managing not to flip over in the process. Now THAT’S an Oh Crap Moment.”

[stella eventing]


Thanks for the amazing find, Jenni!


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