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Color-coordinated saddle pads, ear bonnets, quarter sheets and boots? Yes please!

The Custom Mattes Couture line from World Equestrian Brands can make all your matchy-matchy dreams come true. With 27 quilts, 29 sheepskins, 32 pipings and 33 binding colors to choose from, you can design your ultimate dream Mattes pad to match cross-country or farm colors.

Custom Mattes Couture Ear Bonnets

Press release: Ear bonnets are all the rage. “Design your own” ear bonnet to match your Mattes Couture Collection! Hand crocheted from the finest Egyptian cotton, you will find that only our Mattes bonnets will do as the perfect complement to your pads, girths and boots. Whether sporting your farm colors in the schooling ring or going clear in a jump-off, the comfort, quality and excellent fit of the Mattes bonnets are sure to please equestrians with even the most discerning taste.

Custom Mattes Couture Pads

Express your style while giving your horse the ultimate in comfort and protection! Mattes Pads are known worldwide for their quality and design innovations. All Mattes Sheepskin Pads are made with only the finest quality sheepskin and their anatomically correct topline design follows the contours of the horse’s back and allows for a perfect fit under the saddle. Sheepskin is known for having amazing natural properties that includes heat dissemination, breathability and the ability to eliminate friction and bounce.

Custom Mattes Couture Collection Quarter Sheet and Pad Combo

The MER-System is a combination of the MER- Square or Eurofit pads and a matching exercise rug. The system consists of a rug attached at the rear of the pad, as well as the option of a breast rug attached to the front of the pad.

Custom Mattes Couture Custom Sheepskin Boots

Round out your look with a set of custom boots! Phenomenal sheepskin boots designed by Peter Mattes and Klaus Balkenhol. Provides optimal protection and allows the joints to move freely. Sheepskin’s natural properties reduce friction and increase air flow to the horse’s legs. The sheepskin lining can be removed for easy washing with MELP. In custom colors to match any Mattes Couture pad!

To place a custom order, visit the catalog section of the World Equestrian Brands website at or call 1-888-637-8463.

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