In the News: ‘Thousands of bees attack couple, kill horses’

That’s a Huffington Post headline out of Pantego, Texas, where a swarm of 30,000 bees descended upon a woman while she was exercising her pony last week.

The bees came out of nowhere, said owner Kristen Beauregard.

According to the story,

Beauregard was exercising Trump, a Shetland pony, when he started to jump and kick, she said. That is when a cloud of bees started stinging them all over. Trying to escape, she jumped in the pool and the horse followed.

“It got all dark, like it was nighttime there were so many bees,” she told the newspaper. “We were trying stand up in the water but every time we stuck our heads out for air, they would cover us and start stinging us. We were trying to breathe and they were stinging us in the face and in the nose.”

She escaped to the house, and her boyfriend called 911. Bees chased her, crashing into the windows of the house. Trump ran through the yard, rubbing against bushes in an attempt to wipe off the bees.

Beauregard said her two ponies, Chip and Trump, were so covered in bees they shimmered.

Firefighters doused the bees with foam while paramedics and police officers wearing only button-up shirts helped Beauregard pull the ponies away from the swarm.

Overwhelmed by stings, neither could be saved despite veterinarian’s efforts.

Paramedics estimate Beauregard was stung approximately 200 times.

The insects are suspected to be Africanized bees, known colloquially as “killer bees.” A 6-foot-tall hive was discovered in a nearby shed.


Read the full story here.

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