Endurance: From the finish line of the 2013 Tevis Cup

This grueling 100-mile ride, which may take riders up to 24 (straight) hours to complete, took place last weekend in California.

Rusty Toth and Take A Break (“Quake”), an 8-year-old Arabian gelding, finished first, having come from behind in the last five miles to overtake the leaders. Of 160 starters in the race, only 47% finished on account of the weekend’s exceptionally hot weather–temperatures soared to over 100 degrees.

Here they are at the end of the race, looking no worse for the wear!


Later, in the awards ceremony, second-place finisher Jennifer Waitte recalled that “something blew by” her in the final miles of the race–“It was Rusty!”

[Paula Johnston]

Suzanne Hedgecock and Julio were awarded the Haggin Cup for best conditioned horse. Check out the full results here.

Congratulations to all of the Tevis Cup’s finishers–what incredible athletes!

Go Riding.

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