In the News: ‘Real war horse, Reckless, honored with statue at Marine museum in Quantico’

That’s a Washington Post headline about a very special monument that will be unveiled Friday.

Top: The Reckless monument at Art Castings of Colorado, the foundry where it was cast in bronze, awaiting shipment to Quantico. From the Sgt. Reckless Facebook page.

The monument honors a mare so heroic she was promoted to Staff Sergeant during the Korean War.

Reader Raye Lynn Phoebus provided us with this recap of Reckless’ honorable life in the service of the United States:

Off the track, Reckless was purchased in 1952 for $250 at 5 years old. She was trained by the Marines to step over communication lines, hunker down under fire, ignore the sounds of battle and to carry ammo up and wounded down a mountain, under fire, BY HERSELF. In one battle she made 51 trips carrying over 9,000 pounds of ammunition to the firing sites. She walked over 35 miles through open rice paddies and up steep hills through artillery that was firing and exploding all around her. She was wounded twice but kept working. Here’s an awesome little video about this heroic real-life War Horse. Once a hero, she has now been forgotten. She deserves to be remembered.”


A video chronicling her story:


On Friday, “Operation Reckless” at the National Museum of the Marine Corps in Quantico will feature the dedication of a life-size statue of Sergeant Reckless. The statue was created by artist Jocelyn Russell.

The making of a monument, from the Sgt. Reckless Facebook page:




The monument dedication takes place in concert with a 60th celebration of the end of the Korean War on Friday, July 26, 2013 at 1 p.m. at the National Museum of the Marine Corps in Triangle (Quantico), Va. After the dedication, there will be an unveiling of the exhibit inside the museum. The public is invited to attend.

Learn more about Reckless and her story at

For more information about the unveiling on Friday, visit the Sgt. Reckless Facebook page.

Read the full Washington Post story here.

A big thank-you to Abbie Golden for the tip.

Go Sergeant Reckless, and Go Riding!

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