In the News: So this horse walks into a…

A story in the Inquisitr challenges the idea that the birth of a royal baby took top billing in yesterday’s news.

Top photo: Screenshot of the Inquisitr headline

Yes, everyone is excited that William and Kate had a baby.


Especially my buddy Katherine McDonough, who showed off her royal baby spirit at the barn yesterday. Photo: Riley McMillan

But was it actually the most-read and passed-around story of the day?

The challenger: This disturbing report of a British rider who, having been denied service on horseback in the McDonald’s drive-thru, opted to take her horse inside to order at the counter. At which point…



The story took flight immediately, spurring amazing headlines like “Not Lovin’ It: Horse’s revenge on McDonald’s which refused drive thru service,” “No Horse-ing Around in McDonald’s,” “Horse in McDonald’s drive-thru refused service, does ‘business’ inside,” “McFlurry-Loving Pony Causes A Stink In Fast Food Joint” and “Horse Drops a Whopper in McDonald’s Restaurant.” (If you missed it yesterday, you can read our full report on the incident here.)

The Inquisitr suggests that, “while many British citizens are sharing that joyous news (of William and Kate’s baby), it is a McDonald’s horse incident that has continued to trend globally.”

From the story:

We actually reported on the McDonald’s horse announcement earlier in the day; however, after the Royal Baby News broke, we checked the story again and many trending sources in the UK were still listing the horse incident just below and, in some cases, above Royal Baby stories.

We aren’t attempting to claim that British citizens don’t care about the royal baby birth, just that they also want to go about their daily lives…

Royal baby fatigue was predicted months ago, and now we have a horse pooping to prove that many readers, even those in the UK, simply would prefer a crazy McDonald’s horse story over royal baby news.

In all fairness, a new group of royal babies are born every generation, but this is the first time a horse poop has been reported inside a McDonald’s.

We think you might be going out on a limb there, Inquisitr, but you DO have a point.

Meanwhile, in Bucklebury, England, one royal baby celebration successfully merged both of the news stories’ themes.

A horse decorated in British regalia went largely unnoticed among royal-baby revelers at a local pub.


It’s a cray-cray world out there, Horse Nation. Our recommendation?


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