The 7 Best (and Weirdest) Pas de Deux Performances on the Interwebs

Double the horses, double the fun! Lorraine Jackson dug up these pair-performance gems.

Lorraine writes, “My friend and I are planning an english/western Pas de Deux for the Wild Horse and Burro Festival next year, which of course means I spent most of my lunch hours this week watching Youtube. Since I was doing all this “research” anyway, I thought I might as well share the love with HN. 🙂 So without further a-deux…. (get it? ha!)”

The Bucking Pony and the Shire… Watch until at least 1:25 for the first solid sign of pony petulance.

Seana Adamson


Bad Boys Pas De Deux – two hunks and their reasonably attractive riders Henry Boswell and Charlie Hutton perform a catchy pop show duo exhibition in 2010.



From the Hungarian Horse Show, here are three different Pas de Deux performances bizarrely different from each other but equally awesome:



One-upping even the best pairs of pairs, dressage legends Reiner Klimke, Margit Otto Crepin and Christine Stuckelberger did an epic pas de trois back in the 80s:

Brokeford Holsteiner Warmblood Stud


Everything about this video is in German, but it involves a western reiner and a dressage queen, and in a delightful twist at about the 4 minute mark, the cowboy and the dressage rider switch horses, and it is awesome.



And since all of us harbor either a secret or a very very public fantasy about Friesians, the Friesian pas de deux cannot be left out:



Umm,  and then there is… whatever this is.


Go Riding!


Lorraine Jackson grew up on a ranch in central Utah where she had more chores than friends, but having horses made it all worth it. She learned to ride under the great tutelage of her mother, the United States Pony Club, and her local 4H Horse Program Chapter. She took time away from horses to get a degree, go to work, and get married, but now enjoys writing about horses as much as riding them. She recently adopted her new mount, Moriah Itxara (Icha for short!) from the BLM Wild Horse and Burro Program. Read more from Lorraine at

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