Dubarry Contest: Did You Guess the Famous Legs?

It’s time to announce the winner of the Dubarry Famous Legs contest! As always, you all cracked me up with your hilarious answers.

SO many of you were convinced that the Famous Leg belonged to George Morris. Lauren said, “I would love to say George Morris, but I have a hard time imagining him not whipping the asker with a crop versus choosing to model!”

Beth also thought the legs belonged to our good pal Uncle George, although she wisely observed “George would NEVER let his laces be so ‘untidy.'”

And Susan guessed Queen Elizabeth. You kids are out of control.

Other popular guesses were Phillip Dutton, Boyd Martin and Will Coleman, and in the end, only ONE of you correctly guessed the Famous Legs! Congrats to Emily Henderson for correctly guessing Will Faudree!


The Famous Legs belong to Will Faudree!

Emily wins a pair of her choice of Dubarry’s Capri or Crete boat shoes, which retail for $159. Be sure to check out Dubarry’s full line of boat shoes for both women and men.

3980 27 crete

3981 27 capri

Thanks so much to everyone who participated in Dubarry’s Famous Legs Contest! If you’re bummed about not winning, here’s a tip: We’ll be running a contest over on Eventing Nation to win a pair of the same boat shoes later this week!

 Go riding.

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