Weekend Reader ‘Oh Crap’ Show & Tell

The return of Horse Nation’s popular “Oh Crap Moment of the Day” column has prompted a few readers to go public with their own riding fails.

Here are a few of our favorites from the mailbag!

From Samantha R.:

Attached is a picture of my sister riding her 6 year old TB gelding “Pegasus” at Pony Club camp. She was attending the the Middleburg Orange County Pony Camp and was out on cross-country with her horse who has not had much experience. They were going to jump this brush jump which spooked her horse. They were just about to take off and then her horse decided he couldn’t possibly jump it. If you look closely at the picture you can see the horse’s knees resting on the jump.  After my sister fell off which she pulled the neck strap off with her, her horse took off in the field and threw a shoe.  Both horse and rider were fine. My sister was disappointed though because that was the first day of camp and her first lesson of the day and now with only one shoe she would not be able to ride him until a farrier could come to put a new one on.

Minolta DSC


From Brittney Long:

I, unfortunately, have an “Oh Crap” video that an entire year later, I’m finally ready to share! I was catch riding this horse at a dressage barn–every once in a while we’d trailer out to a nearby farm to jump… this was our second time. He was feeling a tad bit spirited that day and caught me off-guard! This is my first fall since I was about 16, due to a riding hiatus through college, and I have to say, falling off as an adult hurts a heck of a lot more than it did when I was 16!


From Gail Rezendes:

I think my eyes are even closed! And could the jump be any smaller? This was taken at Sharon White’s JUMP! event and I have permission to share. Thanks for Horse Nation!! 

Image 13


From Halle Fischer:

OK… just had to share. Schooling show in Venice, Fl and this horse who I had been riding for about 2 months enough to know his quirks… spent an entire trip throwing himself in the air! lol at the end of this trip I lost a stirrup and decided that there wasn’t anything to do but laugh No, my girth was not too tight, and the saddle fit him. He just got really excited I guess! We got home and did a course and there was none of that! He was perfectly behaved at home! Just a little bit of a crazy horse in shows.



From Helyn Cornille:

Video of Chazot and my husband Jean Luc Cornille:

also this one:


From Tori Myers:

I have a video of my friends and I with our many ‘Oh Crap’ moments. Please feel free to share!

Go Riding!


Do you have an “Oh Crap” moment you’d like to share with hundreds of Horse Nation readers? (We’ll be laughing with you, not AT you–promise!) Email your photo or video link to [email protected] and be sure to include a brief description of what happened!

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