Video du Jour: Justin the Artistic Horse

On Saturday Indianapolis residents were treated to a painting demonstration by a rather unorthodox artiste.

From WISH-TV News 8:

The abstract impressionist works of four-legged painter Justin have garnered comparisons to Jackson Pollock and Vincent Van Gogh and sell for upwards of $2,500.

Owner Adonna Comb’s discovered Justin’s talent two years ago when he would grab her dressage whip and use it to draw in the sand.

Adonna writes on Justin’s website, “As an artist and equestrian, I saw the creative possibilities that Justin could offer with his inquisitiveness. He is a horse who has his nose in everything. I ‘harnessed’ his creative energy through painting. He loves to use his big lips to move or pick up objects. I thought teaching him to paint would keep him interested and out of trouble. As it turns out, he enjoys ‘playing’ with the brushes and making brush strokes; sometimes he wiggles his lip in the paint on the paper. The abstract painting process is collaboration between us. I choose the colors and brushes and he spontaneously paints them to the paper or canvas. Each painting is unique and expresses Justin’s equine energy.”

Prints and original paintings by Justin The Artistic Horse are available for purchase here.

Go Justin.

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