Wanted: A few good know-it-alls

You guys have mad horse skillz–why not share them with Horse Nation in a “how-t0” article?

It can be on anything you want! Here, we’ll get the ball rolling.

How To Write a How-to Article

By: Horse Nation

  • Step 1: Think of something you’re really good at.

Like, I don’t know, jumping 6-foot-tall triple bars bareback. Or whatever.


  • Step 2: Break it down into easy-to-follow steps, using photos/videos as a visual aid.

For example…

Step 1: Step up a 6-foot triple bar.


Step 2: Grab mane, point your horse at the jump, and start kicking.


Step 3: Try not to die.


Well, OK, that’s a bad example but you get the point.

See? It’s fun!

What’s in it for you? Not money, that’s for sure!

But street cred? Yes. Fifteen minutes of fame? Definitely. Good karma? For sure. And, the guest submission with the most views each week wins a $25 SmartPak gift certificate!!!

We looking forward to seeing what you guys come up with–I know it will be brilliant. If you have any additional questions, refer to our Contributor Guidelines or feel free to email me at [email protected].

Good luck and Go Riding!











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