In the News: ‘Man with no pants says he wanted to ride horse nude’

That’s a headline out of Cartersville, Ga., where a man was found wandering naked through a horse pasture and subsequently arrested.

Top photo: Bartow County Sheriff’s Office

According to this story in the Cartersville Patch,

The landowner spotted a half-naked man walking on a road and called police about 9:45 a.m., according to the Bartow County Sheriff’s Office incident report. When police arrived at the Smiley Ingram Road property, they found Kayde Ayoub Said, 29, of Pineview Drive in Cartersville, wearing no pants, allegedly exposing himself in a pasture.

Handcuffed and placed in the nearest police car due to onlookers, Said allegedly first identified himself as “Kayla Horse,” and later said his name was “K. Horsetail,” according to the report.

When asked how he got to the pasture, Said allegedly told police he “drove his gold Honda and parked it down the street because he wanted to ride the horse nude,” the report says.

Said has been charged with public indecency, criminal trespass and giving a false name or false information to police.


The police report

Surprisingly, this isn’t the first naked-on-a-horse news story that has surfaced this week. A few days ago TMZ released a censored video of supermodel/Sports Illustrated cover girl Kate Upton riding topless for a recent photo shoot, which has since gone viral.

Side note: Upton is actually a horse girl in real life, too. She grew up competing on the APHA circuit and still has two horses and two ponies stabled at her parents’ farm in Michigan. Read more here.

Anyway, back to Upton’s boobs.

So, it’s OK for Kate Upton to be nude on a horse, but not some random naked guy?

What a double-standard;)

Go Riding (with your clothes on).



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