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International Helmet Awareness Day is almost here! The worldwide event takes place tomorrow, Saturday, June 22.

Ovation is pleased to announce their continued support and participation in the International Helmet Awareness Day Campaign, brought to you by Riders4Helmets.


From the Riders4Helmets website:

What is International Helmet Awareness Day?

In 2010, Riders4Helmets hosted the first national event designed to educate equestrians on the benefits of wearing a properly fitting, secured and certified helmet. The event brought over 300 U.S.-based retailers and eight helmet manufacturers together, to help educate their customers on topics such as correct helmet fit and why wearing a helmet is important.

Since that day, Riders4Helmets expanded the event globally. Riders4Helmets International Helmet Awareness Day 2012 received support from 10 helmet manufacturers and more than 600 equestrian retailers in the USA, Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom. We are expecting even more growth globally for our 2013 event.

For the 2013 event, retailers/tack shops in Australia, Canada, Belgium, Germany, Spain, UK and the USA are participating. Locate your nearest retailer/tack shop at (participating retailer map).

What are the benefits to equestrians?

  • The opportunity to be educated by retailers on the importance of wearing a properly fitted and secured, certified helmet.
  • The opportunity to participate in helmet fitting demonstrations.
  • The opportunity to purchase a helmet at a one-time special discount offered only on International Helmet Awareness Day.
  • Riders4Helmets will host a series of live educational webinars on during the 2013 Riders4Helmets International Helmet Awareness Day. The webinars will feature a variety of experts in: Traumatic Brain Injury and Concussion; Psychologists; Neuro Physiotherapists; Helmet Manufacturers (tips on correctly fitting a helmet); Traumatic Brain Injury Survivors; Leading Equestrians etc. Viewers will be able to ask “real-time” questions to these experts. Details of who the experts will be, along with the topics that they will discuss, will be available nearer the date.

For updates on International Helmet Awareness Day 2013, please visit


Ovation is proud to be involved with the International Helmet Awareness Day campaign, as it has been each year since 2010. With over a dozen helmet models starting at retail prices as low as $54.95, Ovation Helmets makes it effortless for any equestrian to find a helmet that suits their style and budget. The line features adjustable dial-fit harnesses, ultra lightweight and well ventilated shells, with removable, washable liners–in a veritable rainbow of colors and patterns.

We’re equally proud to have a company with such integrity as a sponsor of Horse Nation. Be sure to visit Ovation’s website to view its selection of safe, stylish helmets, in addition to the many other around-the-barn and in-the-saddle products that Ovation offers.

Go Riding (in a helmet, of course).

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