In the News: ‘Horse rescued after getting stuck in tire’

That’s a headline out of Belington, W.Va., about a horse that somehow GOT STUCK IN A TIRE.

The incident happened on Monday evening.

According to this story in the Charleston Gazette,

It’s not clear how the horse, named Rowdy, wound up inside the tire. One of Rowdy’s owners, Tonya Long, tells The Inter-Mountain that she believes Rowdy got stuck after an altercation with other horses.

Firefighters and other emergency officials were notified and came to Rowdy’s rescue, freeing him from the tire within half an hour. The horse was up and walking around afterward but the owner took him to a vet as a precaution.

From 5 News

You might think that Rowdy’s accident was a one-off, but NO!!! There are more horses getting themselves stuck in tires out there than you might assume.

Most recently, the UK’s Daily Mail posted these photos of a dramatic horse-in-tire rescue that took place in Germany in 2011. (Read the full story here.)




HORSES!!!!!!!! You just never know what they’re going to do next. ***Audible sigh***

Go Riding.

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