In the News: ‘Miniature horse, an 11-year old boy’s therapy animal, could be removed from residential neighborhood’

Do you know what’s wrong with the world today? THIS.

Elijah Samaroo, an 11 year old from Spring Hill, Fla., suffers from ADHD as well as a rare genetic chromosome disorder that causes him balance and sensory issues. His parents say that having Daisy, a miniature horse, as an Emotional Support Animal has helped the boy come out of his shell.

Although Elijah’s parents sought approval from neighbors before they brought the horse to their home, they later received a notice of code violation for keeping a farm animal in a residential neighborhood after the County received an anonymous complaint.

From ABC Action News:

Read the full story here.

Go Riding.

Update: Horse Nation has launched a petition to Hernando Country to allow Elijah to keep Daisy at his family home. You can sign it and share it here.

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