Eventing Nation: ‘Where am I going?!?’

Eventers: Have you ever gotten lost on cross-country course before? I sure have. And so has the rider in today’s video, bless his heart.

From Visionaire:

Yesterday was cross-country at Wits End Horse Trials in Ontario, Canada. [Results] Bruce Lamb was having a nice round with his horse Gamble, when he mistakenly thought he missed jump 6.  At least he had his course map handy!  NOTE: some foul language involved, you may want to turn your speakers down.

Bruce explains:

WARNING: Lots of swearing on this one. Gamble was great — but I can’t count. I got over fence #6 and then started looking for fence #6. I could see fence #7, but I needed to find fence #6. Eventually, I pulled out my map and realized that I had already done fence 6 and I screamed off to the Beaver (fence #7). But Gamble did everything I asked of him. Fence #5 (“Into Space”), Fence #9b (4’6″ brush drop), Fence 19 – drop into water) — all no problems. He was a star — it was just pilot error that as the problem. My mental error cost me 70 seconds. If I hadn’t screwed up, I would have had zero time penalties instead of 26.8 (0.4 seconds per second over optimal time) and would have been 2nd place instead of 10th. I didn’t follow the procedure I normally did in memorizing the route and it cost me! We’ll chalk this one up to experience — and I will ensure that I have two ways of remembering the course just in case I mess up on the first one.

Go Eventing!

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