In the News: ‘Moonwalking pony involved in paternity scandal’

That’s a for-real headline from E! Online about what might be the greatest babydaddy debacle of all time.

You remember Socks, right? The charismatic pony star of a Three mobile commercial who swiftly became a YouTube sensation earlier this year. (If you have no idea what we’re talking about, click here.)


Anyway, Socks is a stallion–and, apparently, kind of a playa.

“I put him with three ladies in a field with a loch,” owner Mari Williamson told “But he is a very good swimmer and unfortunately he took a shine to another one of my mares—who I had put in a group with my other stallion Nuggett.”

That mare’s name was Kimberley.


Glamor-shot of Kimberley.









In any case Kimberley got knocked up and had a baby, named Scamp, and now everybody’s like: Who’s the daddy? Is it Nugget, or is it Socks?

“He just fancied her more and thought the grass is always greener on the other side,” Mari continues of Socks and Kimberley’s  romance. “Socks swam across—and with his three ladies in tow—and now we don’t know for sure who is Scamp’s real father.”


Poor little Scamp. He didn’t ask for this.

The rest of the story is yet to be determined. As E! Online put it:

Hair samples from Socks, Kimberley and Scamp will determine whether Scamp is the first baby Socks has fathered since striking it rich. Or if Kimberley is a gold-diggin’ mare who just wants some child support.

We’ll keep you posted.

Read the full story here.

Go Riding.


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