In the News: When ‘horse girls’ become ‘horse women’

A columnist explores the challenges of managing your equestrian image as a grown-up in the latest issue of New York Magazine.

Alexis Swerdloff, who recently returned to riding after a 10-year post-college hiatus, had some reservations about picking back up the habit.

She writes,

Other than the fact that paying for lessons costs as much as a nice dinner for two, I obviously had reservations about getting back into it: There was something a little silly about a grown woman partaking in something associated with pre-pubescent girls.”

She took the plunge anyway, and column chronicles the interesting position that she and other adult amateur riders often find themselves in. Is it socially acceptable to wander through the grocery store covered in horse goo? When she talks about horses, is she coming off as a snob? A weirdo? What about its effect on her romantic life?

I… feel the need to keep my horsiness in check, knowing that it could easily spiral into something verging on kooky, in a non-endearing kind of way.”

Read the column here and then let us know what you think in the comments section. Can you relate?


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