In the News: ‘Missing horse found with help of telepathic communicator’

That’s a headline out of Redmond, Wash., about a horse that was rescued from a ravine on Tuesday after being located by a horse psychic.

Gemma, a 4-year-old Norwegian Fjord, escaped from her stable, got lost and slipped 70 feet into a ravine before catching herself on a ledge, where she became stranded.

After searching for the horse all day, owner Barbara Linstedt contacted local animal communicator Joan Ranquet. Within moments, Joan was able to describe Gemma’s location.

According to,

Linstedt said Ranquet used her abilities to communicate telepathically with the horse and determine she was trapped in a tight space near shrubbery where she could hear both road noise and water.

Linstedt said she decided Ranquet must be referring to the ravine, and Gemma was found on a ledge about 70 feet down.

A team of 60 rescuers led by the Washington State Animal Response Team put harness on Gemma and lifted her out using pulleys. She emerged from the ravine unharmed.

Listen to an interview with the animal communicator here.

Read the full story here.


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