SpectraVET Classic Performance of the Week

Each week we spotlight a history-making moment by an equine legend–like steeplechase champion Red Rum’s win in the 1973 Grand National.

Top photo: Wikimedia Commons

Regarded one of the greatest comeback victories of all time, Red Rum came from 30 lengths behind to defeat the Australian chaser Crisp and set a new record time of 9 minutes, 1.9 seconds. At the final fence he was still 15 lengths behind but made a thunderous run down the homestretch to surpass the leader.

Crisp’s jockey later recalled, “I still dream about that race, of Crisp running so strongly and jumping so fearlessly, and then the sound of Red Rum’s hooves as he got closer and closer at the end. I felt as though I was tied to a railway line with an express train thundering up and being unable to jump out of the way.”

Red Rum went on to win the Grand National twice more in 1974 and 1977, coming second in 1975 and 176.  He never once fell in 100 races, a testament to his extraordinary jumping ability.

Red Rum died at age 30 in 1995 and is buried beside the winning post at Aintree, where his fans still visit to pay their respects.

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Go Red Rum.


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