In the News: ‘The equestrian experience of horse surfing’

That’s the headline from about a splashy new sport that is slowly but steadily gaining momentum.

Earlier this month we posted these photos of people water-skiing, surfing or boarding behind horses–but honestly, we didn’t know if it was a real sport or just a weird one-off.

It’s a real sport.

According to the article,

The horseboarding industry is slowly but steadily building. There are already multiple world championships, magazines and competitive teams…

Horse surfing competitions have rules. A maximum length of 250 meters for the course, four disciplines, safety procedures, video analysis, judgment criteria, etc.

A tow rope connects the water rider and the horse rider. The surfer can pull tricks, similar to those seen in kiteboarding and wakeboarding.



This unorthodox water sports activity has been around since 2005, when Daniel Fowler-Prime and Matt Smith became the first people in the world to tow a kite board behind a horse. Boom! Horse surfing was born.

Who’s ready to give it a try?

Read the full story here.

Go Horse Surfing.

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