HN Classifieds: Two-fer-Tuesday double-header!

Reader Lija Siltumens sent us links to these two crazypants Craigslist ads.

Lija writes of the first ad, “This isn’t a for sale… but you MUST be really great at riding horses if the first picture is of you piloting a bovine!”

Horse Training and conditioning – $50 (Clyo and surrounding areas)



As the title reads I train and condition horses. If you don’t have enough time for your horse or simply want some more training done. I’m your girl. I’ve been riding horses since before I could walk. I do western disciplines such as barrel racing and pole bending. No horse is un-trainable. Horses are my passion and i will treat your horse like it is my own. If you would like some more information or want some prices feel free to call or text me 912-663-5803. If that doesn’t work you can call my house phone at 912-754-1170 if no one answers leave your name and number where i can reach you.


Here’s ad #2, of which Lija comments, “Hmmm good thing they told us the color of their ‘main’ because I can’t seem to tell which is supposed to be the ‘big horse’ and which is the ‘little one!’ ; )

Horses – $800600 ((Springfield Rincon))

800 For the big horse(with black tail and main).600 for the little one(with brown tail and main)


If you run across an awesome ad during your internet wanderings, send it our way! [email protected]

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