In the News: ‘Shetland pony adopts orphaned lamb’

That’s the headline from a story in The Telegraph about an unusual mum-baby relationship in Wales.

A mother pony living was found allowing a lamb to suckle from her despite having a young foal of her own.

But wait, it gets cuter:

She would even stand guard while the foal and the lamb slept cuddled together.”


The odd couple was discovered by equestrian/vet Georgina Hirst, who spotted them while hacking in the Black Mountains, where more than 2,000 sheep and around 60 horses roam.

The lamb and the foal both appeared to be underweight, as the mare wasn’t able to produce enough milk to feed the both of them. The lamb’s owner, a neighboring farmer, was located and the lamb was returned to him to be bottle-fed.

Read the full story here.


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