24 Totilas Babies

Dressage superstar Totilas is one of the world’s most sought-after babydaddies, generating $1.8 million in stud fees his first year standing. His firstborn arrived in 2011, and two years later his progeny is scattered all over the world.

Only time will tell whether Toto’s offspring will live up to their sire’s hype, but these videos offer a sneak preview of what may be in store. The variation from foal to foal is striking–some of them have their father’s looks, some his movement or his presence, and others clearly take more strongly after their mums.

Which of these youngsters do you think looks the most promising?

Note: This list is not intended to be comprehensive.

Thrill Me

Te Amo


Grand Toto

Grand Gambol

Totil Hit

Total Ideal

Take it Easy

Take Heart


Torocco and Tolinka

Charming Totila

Seagry Tobias


Thorgal Biolley

Hosanna NSN

Oso Glamourous

Unnamed Totilas X Ferro

Unnamed Totilas X Sion

Unnamed Totilas X Totus Floreo SA

Unnamed Totilas X Rosenkavalier

Unnamed Totilas X Donnerhall

Unnamed Totilas X Unfettered

Go Totilas.

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