In the News: ‘Jenny Craig’s horse facility to close’

I didn’t even know Jenny Craig (yes, that Jenny Craig) HAD a horse facility. Here’s the story from U-T San Diego.

Apparently, the weight-loss guru owns a substantial thoroughbred training and rehab center called Rancho Paseana in Rancho Santa Fe, Calif. With 228 acres, four 30-stall barns, a three-quarter mile dirt track, and rehab equipment, the farm is on the market for $25 million.

The horse farm was originally developed by Gene Klein and his trainer Wayne Lucas as a premier race horse facility. The Craigs purchased it in 1997 from the estate of Pete Rozelle, a former NFL commissioner.

According to the article, the reason for the facility’s closure is financial. Operation costs have become unsustainable, and Craig says she doesn’t want to drive clients away with unreasonable boarding rates.

Frankly, I’ve been putting it off for … years, after my husband died,” said Craig, referring to Sidney, an avid horse-racing fan.

“I felt I had to keep it open, if nothing else, in his memory,” she added. “I tried to make it work. I tried everything I could without reducing the quality of services.”

The 270 horses boarded at Rancho Paseana have been returned to their owners and the facility’s 60 employees are seeking work elsewhere.

Sources quoted in the article indicate that the California horse racing landscape is a state of flux, with Hollywood Park due to stop operations by year’s end.

As for the future of Rancho Paseana,

Craig said she is in negotiations with at least one potential buyer, an unnamed company.

There’s always a chance the new owners could operate the property as thoroughbred training facility.

Because of its flat acreage, Rancho Paseana could be grounds for hunters/jumpers and dressage enthusiasts, according to the property listing.

Anyone in the market for a horse farm?  Here are some pics from










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