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When it comes to riding apparel, riding boots definitely win the “most improved” award of the past few years.

Do you remember life before zippers up the back of tall boots? I have plenty of not-so-fond memories of sweating and swearing over pull-on boots that refused to pull-on, usually when I was already running late before my class at the horse show. And then, assuming I eventually squeezed my calves into them, getting them back off required an equivalent amount of tugging and cussing. Good times.

These days, the design of tall boots has improved dramatically. You no longer need to go custom to ensure a great fit, and you don’t have to shell out hundreds of dollars to get a boot that looks as good as it performs.

Ovation’s latest contribution to the boot revolution is its Aeros line of tall and paddock boots.

Ovation Aeros Elite Tall Boot


Aeros Show Zip Paddock by Ovation. Aeros Lace, Aeros Jod and Aeros Elite Zip models are also available.

Features include high quality, vapor-permeable supply pull up leather to keep you feet dry, and forged steel shanks for maximum support in and out of the saddle. Rubber outsoles with air pockets to keep the boot light and comfortable and the patented Carbosan(R) innersock delivers antibacterial, antifungal and anti-odor qualities.

Check out the full line of new Aeros footwear today!

Go Ovation, and Go Riding!

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