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Today we present this fascinating 60 Minutes interview with Rosie Napravnik, who will try to become the first female jockey to win the Kentucky Derby tomorrow.

Napravnik will be piloting Mylute, entering the race at 12-1 odds. And this is one woman we wouldn’t bet against.

A recent New York Times article said,

…At 25, she is one of the more provocative figures in racing, heckled at times by critics who don’t think she belongs on the track while being asked for her autograph by fans.”

But snarky “just a girl” comments don’t hold water against Rosie’s record: Last year she amassed more than $12.4 million in earnings, the eighth-best in North America, and finished in the top three in almost half the races she entered. This year, she ranks fifth in earnings and leads all jockeys in wins. She’s not just one of the best “girl” jockeys in the nation–she’s one of the best jockeys, period.

Check out this in-depth 60 Minutes interview that aired last Sunday night.

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Go Rosie!!!

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