Thursday Morning Feed from Fleeceworks

A great big congratulations is in order for all the Team Fleeceworks rider who rocked Rolex last week!

First off, there was Caitlin Silliman and Catch a Star, who wowed with their performance on the four-star stage and showed so much promise for the future!


Photo by Alec Thayer of Ab3 Photography

And then there was Kristi Nunnick and R-Star, who finished in 8th!


From Fleeceworks’ Facebook page

What an amazing pair of gray mares. And their secret weapon? Fleeceworks Perfect Balance Square Pads!

Fleeceworks Perfect Balance Square Pads are available in dressage, cross country and show jumping styles, in both the sheepskin and Therawool. All of the pads can be used with any of Fleeceworks’ optional memory foam or wool inserts, which help with saddle fit issues that may arise as horses muscling changes through the competition season. One set of the memory foam inserts will help prevent slipping, so riders do not need to put rubber or neoprene directly on the horse back.


The Cross Country Square Pad features a combination of Australian Merino Sheepskin for thermal balancing and added protection and Fleeceworks Perfect Balance technology. An anatomically correct top line will avoid any pressure over the withers. Features internal pockets, which hold removable inserts for discrete saddle corrections. Three optional shims help with a variety of saddle problems.

Thank you, Fleeceworks, for your support of riders in equestrian sport.

Go Fleeceworks, and Go Riding!


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