Eventing Nation: Harlem Shake at the Kentucky Renining Cup

I realize that in the recent past, we have promised you that we would never subject you to another equestrian Harlem Shake video. Well, we lied.

From John:

Eventers are the coolest.  Duh.  Sometimes we’re kind enough to reach out to other disciplines and show them how to be cool like us. Such was the case on Saturday night at Rolex when reiner Pete Kyle asked for some help with his world championship freestyle performance, a rening rendition of the Harlem Shake [examples, the best].  A mix of eventers from Lexington’s Antebellum Farm, friends, and a contingent from US Eventing High Performance met in the middle for the dance, which traditionally features one person dancing for the beginning of the song while everyone freezes, and then everyone dancing like crazy when the beat drops.  Keep a close eye on the dancing for US eventing Coach David O’Connor, high performance rider Sinead Halpin, the amazing Meg Kep, and US Managing Director of eventing Joanie Morris, and there are unconfirmed reports that yours truly was part of the mayhem.

Another view:

And another:

[via Joanie Morris]

Pete Kyle was riding A Ruf Gal.  The pair came in second behind Shane Brown and Shepherd Star.  Third place Aaron Ralston’s ride is definitely worth a watch as well.  [Results]

Lesson learned: all it takes is a little bad music and dancing to unite horse people.  Go reining.



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