Glenn the Geek: The body language of horse husbands

Horse husbands are an often misunderstood species. “America’s Horse Husband” and Horse Radio Network personality Glenn the Geek helps translate those tricky nonverbal cues.

From Glenn:

My friend Anna Twinney recently wrote an article for Equine Wellness Magazine on the Top 10 Body Language Postures in horses.  When I read it it reminded me of horse husbands, as we have many of the same traits, albeit with different definitions.

As Anna says: “Who hasn’t taken the time to sit and enjoy her horse on a warm summer evening, soaking in the beauty of his personality, behavior and demeanor?  Observing our horses can bring great pleasure and peace, but if we are paying attention it can also help us to gain an immense understanding of their nature.”  Read Anna’s serious article here.

Glenn the Geek says: “What woman hasn’t taken the time to observe their horse husbands on a hot bug-filled evening helping with the barn chores, soaking in how much they are enjoying helping their horse wives. Horse wives are very good at convincing themselves that their horse husbands would rather be cleaning stalls than watching any sporting event on TV.  If horse wives were really paying attention, they could again an immense understanding of the horse husbands nature.”

Here are the signs that Anna observes in horses and what horse wives would observe in their husbands if they were looking closely:

“Awareness” – Horse husband is acutely aware of his surroundings: 3 more hours of mucking, feeding, grooming and broken fences.  Horse husband is aware he would rather be anywhere but here.


“Move” – What Horse Husband does when commanded by Horse Wife that privileges will be suspended unless they help with the barn tonight.


“Listening/focus” – Horse Husband listening/focus skills become acute when the end of chores are only minutes away.  (Unfortunately for Horse Wife, listening/focus skills not so acute at all other times.)


“Play”  – What Horse Husband hopes to do with the points he has accumulated for the last three hours in the barn.


“Mutual Grooming” –  Means two completely different things to Horse Husband and Horse Wife.  😉


“Licking and chewing” – It’s a guy thing, human or equine.


“Curiosity” – Horse Husband attempts to constantly experiment with the “better way” to do the barn work, makes suggestions and gets told to “just do it the way I told you.”


“Flehmen Response” – What Horse Husband does when he sees Horse Wife in tight riding breeches.


“Flight mode”  – What Horse Husband does when he forgets to do the feeding and Horse Wife finds out.


Photos: Wikimedia Commons

So, you see we do have a lot in common, us Horse Husbands and your horses.  Now about that mutual grooming?

Glenn the Geek is founder of the Horse Radio Network and America’s Horse Husband.  Hear him every morning on the popular HORSES IN THE MORNING radio show at


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