In the News: ‘Live horse to serve as model for nude figure drawing class’

That’s the headline from a story on about this and other horse-themed happenings taking place at Chicago’s Hyde Park Art Center.

The events center around a current exhibition at the Art Center, Chicago artist Hulsebos-Spofford’s “Hall of Khan,” which features sculptures and other artwork with horse themes.

The nude figure drawing class, featuring a horse, takes place on May 13. Registration is free and it is adults-only. Reservations requested (call 773.324.5520).

According to the article,

Live horses were also brought in for the April 14 opening of the exhibit. For that, performer Elijah Burgher sat nude astride one of them with a sweater tied around his neck and a polo mallet over his shoulder as a tribute to the iconic Polo Ralph Lauren clothing logo. There was also a horse with a sculpture strapped to it.

A nude guy sitting on a horse with a polo mallet? That’s… interesting.

Here’s a visual for ya.

You didn’t ask for it, and you probably don’t want it, but we’re gonna give it to you anyway: close-up!

And, in case you were wondering what a horse with a sculpture strapped to its back looks like, voila!
PHOTO CREDITS: Hyde Park Art Center/Jason Smith

The Art Center will run a one-week summer camp for children age 10 and older starting June 24, at which campers will learn about the anatomy and history of horses and make sculptures and drawings of the animals.

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