HN Investigates: How much does a Rolex cost, anyway?

One of the perks of winning the Rolex Kentucky Three-Day Event is that you get a nice new watch… with a nice fat price tag.

The cost of a Rolex varies greatly from model to model, with around $3,000 being the low, low end for a brand new one. On the high end, they can set you back tens of thousands of dollars or more–the most expensive Rolex watch made today is the Rolex 18956, the “Platinum Pearlmaster,” which retails for over $200,000. (Here, we found one for ya on eBay.)

Vintage Rolexes, though, can be even more high-end than that.

This 1942 Rolex Chronograph sold for $1.16 million at auction. Only 12 of these pieces were made, with an original value of $680,000. Other than that, and some jewels and gold and stuff, we’re not sure what makes it so special–but hey! Good luck not getting mugged with that thing on your wrist.


If you happen to be the lucky winner of Rolex, and the signature Rolex watch, you also receive $80,000 and an 18-month lease of a Range Rover.

Good luck to everyone competing this weekend! Go get that watch.



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