9 Thoroughbreds of a Different Color

While we most commonly see Thoroughbreds in the traditional colors like grey, bay and chestnut, the Thoroughbred gene pool carries a variety of colorful genes. 

Thoroughbreds also carry genes for cream (palomino, cremello, buckskin, perlino, smoky black and smoky cream), frame overo, splash white, sabino, dominant white, manchado and rabicano.

While most of these colorful Thoroughbreds are used strictly for breeding to further the color-based gene pool, some of them do actually make it to the racetrack. Here’s a look at nine Thoroughbreds that raced.

Top photo: Regalo Del Oro [jrsmithjr.com]

7afae19a35ceaa6e48ad5d852454bbffModern Society [examiner.com]

Patchen's maiden racePatchen Beauty [Winter Beauty Books]

cat_cream_wideweb__430x374Apache Cat [theage.com.au]

the_white_fox_keeneland041504The White Fox [whitehorseproductions.com]

turf_club1Turf Club [whitehorseproductions.com]

4525161787_20bb293843Yukichan [lurvely.com]

birdcatcher_will_spy_nowWill Spy Now [whitehorseproductions.com]

1zbvvgzAngrove Rumbaba [thoroughbredchampions.com]

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