In the News: ‘English soccer had a violent, cocaine-fueled, horse-punching weekend’

An angry Newcastle soccer fan punched a police horse during a massive brawl that followed a lost match. Not cool.

The incident took place during a series of riots that broke out after Newcastle United lost to Sunderland 3-0. Twenty-nine people were arrested in connection to the riots, according to The Guardian.

The horse-punching incident was caught on film:

According to this Fox Sports report, the horse was unharmed by the attack:

Today the West Yorkshire Police Horses Twitter account tweeted a picture of Bud, saying he was not injured during the scuffle and is now back home in West Yorkshire.

West Yorkshire Police Horses said: ‘Bud is safe in his stable and appears fine. All our horses are fit and well, resting and relaxed.’

It showed photos of Bud in his paddock this morning and thanked people for their concern, many of whom had asked how he was via the networking site.

Bud’s suspected attacker was wrestled to the ground by officers and Northumbria Police today said he has been bailed pending further inquiries.”

While his attacker is surely (and deservedly) enduring a ferocious hangover today, Bud appears to be actually enjoying his 15 minutes of fame!



And… the Internet is having a heyday with the incident.



Read the title story on Deadspin.

Go Bud.

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