In the News: Just when you thought the European horse meat scandal was over…

…50,000 tons of beef have been recalled in the Netherlands, while another report alleges the presence of bute in British corned beef.

Today’s news is the latest development in a latest development in a far-reaching European scandal that saw horse meat mixed in with other meats and sold as beef without informing consumers.

In the case of the Dutch meat recall, the presence of horse meat has not been confirmed, but because the origin of the meat was unclear.

According to a story in UK newspaper The Daily Mail,

A spokesman said: ‘At this stage, the origin of the meat is unknown but the Netherlands authorities acknowledged that horse meat had been mixed with beef.’”

The recall dates back more than two years, making it likely that much of the meat has already been consumed. Some of the suspect meat was exported to Germany, France, Spain and possibly the UK.

As for the corned beef recall in Britain, here’s a report from the BBC (read the full story here):

If you’re just tuning in to Horsemeatgate, or if you’re scratching your head trying to make sense of it all and wondering how it may or may not affect those of us here in the States, here’s an interesting infographic:



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