Thursday Morning Feed from Fleeceworks

Today we meet Team Fleeceworks rider Robin Bond, whose vast and varied equestrian experiences help her get the most out of every horse she rides.

Robin Bond has been training professionally since 1993. After spending 22 years in jumping, dressage and combined training, Robin set her sights on western events. Her experience now includes trail, reining, reined cowhorse, ranch horse versatility, and extreme cowboy racing.


Here is Robin’s Team Talk tip:

We all strive to train our horses to respond to light aids from the saddle. We love that smooth response to leg and that soft yielding to rein. Sometimes we lose sight of this goal in our daily grooming tasks. We push the horse to move him over while in the crossties in our hurry to get through the routine.

Think about the response you want under saddle and apply it to grooming time. Try this in your next few grooming sessions:

Ask your horse to move over before you make him move. I do this by shaking two fingers at the part I want to move, (hip, shoulder or barrel), while clucking. If he doesn’t move, I’ll tickle him, then maybe “nip” with my finger tips. Most will move by then, but you may need to push as a last resort.

Follow this routine of increasing pressure every time you want your horse to move over and you will be surprised at how soon he is gliding over at a simple gesture.

The goal? A horse that’s this responsive:

Thanks Robin!

If you’re interested in learning more about Robin’s training techniques, consider participating or auditing in her Dressage 101 clinic this weekend.

Horse Nation’s own cowgirl columnist Kristen Kovatch wrote a column about Western Dressage earlier this year, in which she noted that as different as the two disciplines may seem, they share a similar mission statement: “The goal is to get back to the shared core value important to both western horse culture and classical dressage: doing what is best for the horse.”

Check it out:


And–this is top secret info–we caught wind that Fleeceworks is debuting a western paddle pad in May!!!

Go Robin, Go Fleeceworks, and Go Riding!

P.S. Don’t forget that you only have one day left to enter Fleecework’s contest to win a set of Fleeceworks momogramed baby pads and Kerrits/Fleeceworks Zip Shirt.


All you have to do is go to Fleeceworks’ Facebook page and share your response to the question, “If you could ride one famous horse, who would it be and where?” Fleeceworks will put everone’s name in the drawing THIS FRIDAY, April 5th at midnight, with a winner to be announced on Monday! Let you imagination run wild, be sure to LIKE and SHARE, and good luck!!


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