News: ‘Mass. man injected with horse tranquilizer in NH’

That’s the headline from a Fox News story about some idiot who gave himself a horse-sized dose of horse tranquilizer.

Top photo:

According to the story, “The man’s friends found him unconscious in an apartment at 58 Raymond Road. Paramedics could barely find a pulse when they arrived. Authorities said the situation is under investigation and there may have been evidence of other drugs.”

I’m assuming they’re referring to about Ketamine, a dissociative anesthetic that goes by the street name “Special K.” The effects range from a mild, dreamy sensation to the feeling (“It feels like you’re walking on marshmallows,” said a girl in one video I watched) to a near-death experience in which users feel like they’re floating above their own bodies. Wow! That sounds like fun–not.


Here’s a video of someone acting terrible on Ketamine:

Here’s a video from a drug intervention reality show called Wasted, in which they make a longtime Ketamine addict watch a horse get put under before surgery with the stuff (Warning: Even though the drug is being administered under veterinary supervision, I found the footage a little disturbing):

Don’t do drugs, kids. Especially drugs that would knock out a horse.

Read the full Fox News story here.


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